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Custom Shirt Promotion - Feb. 1 to March 2

Option 1: Buy at least two shirts and we’ll waive the pattern fee normally charged for orders of less that four shirts, or;

Option 2: Buy five shirts, and get a sixth shirt free.
(Value of sixth shirt cannot exceed average value of the five.)

Custom Shirts from Mirror Image Fashions
Dress Shirts
Formalwear Shirts
Clerical Shirts
Casual Shirts

Why buy a custom shirt?

What is the process?

What are your options?

What does a custom shirt cost?

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  • For the Fit

    • A collar that actually fits.
    • A collar appropriate to the length of your neck.
    • Sleeves that fit your arms (even with different lengths).
    • Cuffs that fit (even if your wrists have different sizes).
      • We even adjust a cuff to accommodate a large watch, should you actually wear one.
    • A shirt that conforms to your shoulders.
      • Shoulders that slope?  No problem.
    • The chest and waist of your shirts fits YOUR body.
      • Athletic chest and narrow waist?  No problem.
      • Non-athletic chest and more-than-ample waist?  No problem.
      • Something in between?  No problem.
    • A shirt length appropriate to your body.
    • A shirt you'll wear all day without binding, pulling, stretching, etc?  No problem.
    • More information about how we fit a custom shirt to your body's dimensions.


  • For the Style

    • Choose from hundreds of fabrics
      • Cotton, linen, blends, silks, and more.
      • Solids in dozens of colors.
      • Patterns;  checks, stripes, plaids, and more.
      • Our fabric choices are constantly changing, as stocks sell out and new stocks arrive.


    • Select the style of your shirt


Custom Shirts Home Page

What is the process?

What are the options?

What are the costs?


What is the process for buying custom shirts?

Step 1:

Determine your shirt needs.  Start asking yourself some questions.

Do you need dress shirts, casual shirts, formal wear, or a mix of all types?

Do you want solids, checks, stripes, plaids, or a mix?

What styling options (collars, cuffs, monograms, etc.) would you like?

Review our website for your custom shirt options, or visit our master tailor in our downtown Danville store for more help.


Step 2:

Visit our master tailor in Danville, PA., to review your options and fabric possibilities.

Review our inventory of hundreds of fabric selections.  Yes, it can seem overwhelming, but if you come in with some basic idea of what you would want in your shirts, our master tailor can help present fabrics that best fit your preference.

Our fabric inventory includes practically every color in the rainbow. They come in solids, checks, stripes, plaids, and more.  We also have very nicely textured "stripe on stripe" styles.

Our fabrics include a wide price range, reflecting the quality of the fabric and the type of fabric.   While our most popular fabrics are primarily 100% cotton, we do have choices that include 100% linen, 100% silk, or blends of several fabrics.

custom_measurement_chart v3.jpg

Step 3:

Our master tailor will need some time to get several measurements from you.

During this process, you will be asked to put on a special try-on shell. This provides useful information about some of your dimensions.  We will also take several more measurements of your neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, mid-section and waist.

Taking measurements can require about 20 minutes.  Once done, though, there is no need to take them again unless you gain or lose weight.  In fact, many of our customers order new custom shirts without ever coming back into our store.  As long as your body remains relatively unchanged, we can continue to use your initial measurements.

Of course, if you are like most people, your body will change over time.  As those changes occur, our tailor and seamstresses are ready to help alter your existing apparel, or take updated measurements for any new apparel.



Step 4:  Choose your shirt options

Our custom shirts provide you a wide range of styling options.  Each shirt that you order can have different styling options, giving you a very versatile wardrobe.

Styling options include collar styles, sleeve length, cuff styles, button styles, pocket styles, optional monograms and variations on length.  Visit our section on shirt options for more detail.


Custom Shirts Home Page

What is the process?

What are the options?

What are the costs?


What Are Your Options In A Custom Shirt?

You have many options when ordering your custom shirt, letting you create a shirt that is a a truly unique garment that is a reflection of your style and preference.

Your key options include various styles of collar, cuff, and pocket.  You also have the option of having a monogram placed at certain locations on your shirt.  (Monograms come with a small additional charge per shirt.)

Other options, included in every shirt, include the fit (snug, regular, loose, etc.), sleeve length (short, long), and length of tail. You also define the constructions of the back, including box pleat, no pleat, etc.

Don't let the options overwhelm you.  Our master tailor will explain each option, helping you make selections that best reflect your styling preferences.


Custom Shirts Home Page

What is the process?

What are the options?

What are the costs?