The Process

New Items bought in our store:

At the time of your purchase, we will consult with you to determine what alterations may be needed on your garment.  Except for items purchased on sale, our alteration services for newly-purchased items are done at no charge to you.  Items purchased on sale, or items bought from us in the past, may be subject to some alteration charges.

Items bought in our store in the past:

Items bought from us in the past, but which require updated alterations services, will be subject to additional charges for those alterations.

Items bought elsewhere:

We are glad to provide alteration services on items you've bought elsewhere.  These services are subject to alteration charges.  Please note that we must sometimes decline to perform alteration services, due to an item's condition, fabric, complexity, value, etc.  We will not accept an item for alterations without inspecting it first.

Seeking Alteration Services:

When purchasing new garments, we will consult with you to determine exactly what alterations may be necessary.

When bringing older garments for alteration, we ask that you bring them to our store in Danville, PA.  We will consult with you on what alterations may be required, and will provide cost and timing estimates at that time.  When appropriate, we ask that the person who will wear the altered garment also come in so we can check fit, sizing, etc.  Naturally, some alterations, such as repairs, simple hems, etc., will not require the person wearing the item to actually come into our store.